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smE-MPOWER Steering Group

“The big challenge of the economy today is how to build an open innovation system for SMEs and actively help them to capture all the potential benefits.”

Dr. George Tsekouras, Senior Research Fellow, CENTRIM, University of Brighton, United Kingdom



Dr. George Tsekouras

 Christoph Meier

Dr. Christoph Meier


“smE-MPOWER has become the leading approach for coaching SME cooperation in Switzerland.”

Dr. Christoph Meier, Director, platinn, Fribourg, Switzerland




“It is in winning vocational networks such as this that we increase our chances in the knowledge economy.”

Yoram Lev Yehudi, Managing Director, Beacon Tech Ltd., Tel-Aviv, Israel




Yoram Lev Yehudi

Dr. Arvydas Sutkus

“Lithuanian firms are profiting immensely from our ability to identify international partners through smE-MPOWER.”

Dr. Arvydas Sutkus, Project Manager, Lithuanian Innovation Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania



“The competion of the future will be between strategic networks rather than between individual organisations.”

Andreas Wolf, Project Manager, Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, Magdeburg, Germany


Andreas Wolf