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Finishing the Project

Final Conference in Brussel on October 18th, 2007:

"Collaborating into the Future: Empowering SME to Innovate"

Some 80 participants from all over Europe attended the one-day conference marking the end of the two years smE-MPOWER project.
The main topic of discussion was the empowerment of SME to pursue research interests long-term and to increase their participation in EU RTD activities.

The conference was organized by the smE-MPOWER initiative coordinated by the Fraunhofer IFF. The initiative’s mission is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe support to effectively take advantage of the funding opportunities for research and development open to them.

The variety of presentations on open innovation and international funding opportunities were well received by the participants. In addition, the interactive discussions provided everyone involved in the collaborative R&D among SME invaluable opportunities to learn, discuss, review and network in a motivating and conducive environment.

At the end of the conference, the consortium invited qualified prospective partners to join the smE-MPOWER initiative. This community with exclusive membership links coaches of SME intermediaries, regional policy makers and other actors and international initiatives supporting innovation in a distributed network.

Download Seminar Presentations

01 Petr Kotal on Open Innovation.pdf
02 Barend Verachternd on SME in EU.pdf
03 Katrin Reschwamm on smE-MPOWER-Approach.pdf
04 Arvydas Sutkus on smE-MPOWER and RIS.pdf
06 Nick Rodgers on UK Case.pdf
07 Chryso Christodoulou on Cyprus Case.pdf
09 Pascal Binard on Swiss Case.pdf
10 WS A Arvydas Sutkus on Regional Policy.pdf
10 WS B Yoram Lev-Yehudi on SME and Funding.pdf
10 WS C Christoph Meier on Business Innovation.pdf
11 Andreas Wolf on smE-MPOWER-Community.pdf