smE-MPOWER Coaching Training
(March 2009)

First smE-MPOWER Learning Event
(Nov. 2008)

  smE-MPOWER Conference
(Oct. 2007)



Past Events of the smE-MPOWER Community

Note: smE-MPOWER coaching & action training events have continued regularly since 2009. As this page is dedicated to the smE-MPOWER EU-project, these are no longer recorder here. Contact us for more info.

Cooperation Coaching Training KTT CTI, 18-19 June 2009:

Commissioned by the Swiss federal agency for knowledge and technology transfer KTT CTI we completed the first dedicated coaching training. Seven coaches from six Swiss agencies worked hard on business innovation, strategic partnering and project design. After over a year preparation for just two full days work the participants feedback made up for it all: "of significant relevance to my daily job", "one of the best trainings I did ever!", "excellent course, well run, challenging and very useful".

There will be more of these in the future!

smE-MPOWER Coaching Training, 11-13 March 2009:

At the core of the smE-MPOWER approach lies a structure approach to professionalize SME coaches concerned with business innovation, strategic partnering and collaborative projects. Three days of intense learning experiences helped the nine participants to absorb best practices and transfer hands-on tools from the smE-MPOWER knowledge base to their working context. Afternoon skiing and joint evening cooking served as an excellent work-life balance and the panorama of the Swiss alps made up for all indoor hours.

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First smE-MPOWER Annual Learning Event, 5-6 November 2008:

Strategists and decision makers of 9 SME intermediaries from across Europe met in Magdeburg to for two days of business interaction, shared learning and community building around the underlying theme of supporting SME's business innovation in a region. Together they launched the smE-MPOWER Community, now consisting of six former project partners plus four new member organisations.

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smE-MPOWER Conference: "Collaborating into the Future: Empowering SMEs to Innovate", 18 October 2007:

Some 80 participants from all over Europe attended the one-day conference in Brussels marking the end of the two years smE-MPOWER project. The main topic of discussion was the empowerment of SME to pursue research interests long-term and to increase their participation in EU RTD activities.

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